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A Response to the Word Proclaimed Sermons

Preaching at St. Peter’s

Each Wednesday, at 11 AM, our Rector leads a Bible Study that breaks open the readings for the coming week. Joining in that study helps the attendee to learn more about each week’s scripture, and gives all a chance to participate in the formation of the week’s sermonic and blog response.

St. Peter’s is a parish that takes hearing and responding to the Word of God with “serious good humor.” We are a congregation that listens, and we look forward each week to engaging, challenging and compassionate preaching that offers pastoral and spiritual support to all as we all seek to live out our faith during the rest of the week.

How we “talk the walk”

Our clergy and guest preachers are reminded to take to heart the great, good honor of being called and supported in their witness to Christ’s love for us all as they break open the word with their gifts of wisdom, wit and learning. Each sermon, as it should, carries a small element of risk, and the promise of great and grace-filled reward for both preacher and listener, alike.

Always, the focus is on how we will carry the Word into the World. Come and join in the “amen” to our proclamation of Christ’s Love.

April 8 Sermon_2Easter_YrB_2018 8 AM.mp3

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