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St. Peter’s Episcopal Church

SPYO-our youth lead the way!

Fellowship: playing together is often the most life giving work Christ calls us to...

Pastoral Care: Helping Hands to serve, craft and heal

The Thrift Shop: Ensuring access to all: upcycling and renewing!

Worship is our primary work of preparation to serve Christ in the world

Outreach and service is our primary experience of the life of Christ

In formation, we find the skills and knowledge we need for this work!

The Community of Hope and Alice’s CUP serve all who are hungry or in need

The people of St. Peter’s constitute a community of service and formation as we seek to offer an effective witness of the love of God in Christ to the world. All of our ministries and programs are organized around the understanding that we are all works in progress and that we are all on our way to a deeper knowledge and understanding of Christ. We find Christ in the eyes of the people we serve. We find Christ in you. Look below for our ministries and join in the work! We can’t wait to see how you will help us to grow in this mission!

Our Life in Christ

The Church is the community of the New Covenant...the Body of which Jesus Christ is the Head... (BCP, p. 854)

Lord, inspire us in our praise...